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Calgary International Film Festival 2022 round-up

Eight films in 10 days isn’t much of a marathon, but it’s more in-cinema movie-watching than I’ve done in probably the last year combined. Via Letterboxd, here are some quick, capsule-style reviews of seven of them. The eighth was a screening of Murnau’s Nosferatu with a live score by Calgary’s Chad VanGaalen — a great experience but not one I was compelled to write about.


“Prompt hoarding” and the future of art

The idea that “future writers are hoarders of prompts” strikes me as deeply dystopian, an abdication of the creative impulse to something superficially related but profoundly different. Because it reduces art to strictly something to be consumed, ignoring the other side of the creative process—which is a profound and deeply rooted human drive, with its own inherent value for the creator.

Kindle Highlights: July, 2022

Another month, another collection of uncatagorized quotes and excerpts, including unattributed selections from Instapaper. As always, these are more for my own reference than public consumption.

Kindle Highlights: June, 2022

A shorter collection of excerpts this time around; starting a new job has cut down on my reading time. At some point I’m going to have to try to summarize SSOTBME and Ministry for the Future, but for now, as with all these highlights, this is for my own interest more than anything I expect to be halfway readable for others.

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Album of the day: Space Opera – S/T (1973)

Album of the day: Space Opera – S/T (1973). Incredible Byrds/CSNY country-rock, with brilliant harmonies and jaw-dropping 12-string guitar tone, plus some prog/Zappa influences to take it all to the next level. Reasonably priced on Discogs, too.

The Hardy Tree – Common Grounds

Serene and subtly haunting, the latest from The Hardy Tree takes a twilight stroll through empty streets and abandoned shops, capturing a portrait of a neighbourhood in the midst of the pandemic.

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Summer film roundup

Collecting some Letterboxd reviews from the past few months, some more obscure, some very much not so. I haven’t been watching as many films the past few months, but between the start of the Calgary International Film Festival and the looming winter, that’s bound to change—expect more of these roundups in the months to come.

Soothing video of abstracted flowers

From Barcelona’s Andrés Reisinger, “Pollen” is a non-narrative CG short consisting of constantly shifting clouds of flowers. The gauzy textures and gently swaying branches make for soothing viewing, even if the whole thing feels unsettlingly alien, like the refracted fauna in Annihilation.

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