Podcast: The AM, Feb. 21, 2022

This week’s episode of The AM (also streaming at CJSW.com): The holiday Monday made for a groggier-than-usual episode, but fortunately the music holds up even if the hosting is slightly off. After all, it’s hard to go wrong with new tunes from Cate Le Bon, Animal Collective, Exek, Ombiigizi, Congotronics International, Reptalians, and the list goes on…

Track List:

  • Stability
    Soulier • Therapy
  • Music is Math
    Boards of Canada • Geogaddi
  • Machine Learning
    Bristol Manor • Going Nowhere
  • Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds
    Soccer96 • Inner Worlds
  • Tokyo 2050
    Cougher • ERASE
  • Nowhere to fall but off
    Test Card • Patterns
  • R
    Apta • ADSR
  • effects of light on sound
    Proxima Psychoacoustics • Ataroth
  • Hymne der melancholischen Programmierer
    Sankt Otten • Symmetrie und Wahnsinn
  • I Got Rocks
    Untrained Animals • Obsolescent the Moment You Get It
  • Everybody Loves the Sunrise
    Astrobal • Australasie
  • Rapid & Complete Recovery
    Spirit of the Beehive • Entertainment, Death
  • Dreamin’
    Lee Paradise • Single
  • Walker
    Animal Collective • Time Skiffs
  • Harbour
    Cate Le Bon • Pompeii
  • Draw Me In
    Sunglaciers • Subterranea
  • There Is No Such Thing As Love
    The Dears • End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story
  • Beyond the 7th Bend
    Congotronics International • Where’s The One
  • Pour the Light In
    The Reds, Pinks & Purples • Summer at Land’s End
  • Zaagitoon
    OMBIIGIZI • Sewn Back Together
  • Don’t Wait For Me
    Reptaliens • Multiverse
  • Dimi l’étoile
    Cœur-joie • Allumettes au bout des îles
  • The Image Burned
    Medusa Phase • Negative Space
  • Clear
    Parker Sprout • Milk In the Sun
  • La Rue Principale de Grandrif
    Société Étrange • Chance
  • L.M.G.D.
    Military Genius • Deep Web
  • Do Not Fear Love
    Tanya Tagaq • Tongues
  • Ecdysis!
    Darkside • Single
  • Beyond Currency
    Exek • Advertise Here
  • Beyond Good and Evil
    Boris • W
  • Vanishing
    Circuit des yeux • -io